ROBBIE FRASER is a Scottish filmmaker, based in Glasgow. HAMISH is Fraser’s fourth feature film, after the comedy GAMERZ (2008) and documentaries THE BRIDGE RISING (2013), and FAMILY GOLDMINE (2014). All his films to date have been made with the support of Creative Scotland or Scottish Screen, and all have found international distribution, and worldwide festival exposure. This is the third year running that he has had a feature film premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival. His documentary portrait of comedian Norman Maclean won the Jury Prize at the Celtic Media Festival in 2009.


‘It’s been a privilege to work on a film about Hamish Henderson. He’s a wee bit lost right now, faded from view. But he needs to be re-cemented into the Scottish imagination as a poet, a makar and an inspirer of people. I hope our film will help that to happen.

It is a very emotional film, and that comes in part because the story is told only through the words of people who knew him personally over many years. I’m pretty much the only person on the production who did not know him, and I wish I had. He was clearly a benevolent, adored and empowering cultural force.

It’s brilliant that the premiere is at Glasgow. It’s the home festival for me and producer Alasdair MacCuish, and while Hamish loved Edinburgh, he was at hame here too. So we have stolen him – temporarily!’


ALASDAIR MACCUISH is a Glasgow-based producer. Following a number of years at BBC Scotland, he went on to establish his own production company in 2004. Since then, he has produced many hours of popular programming across a range of genres – documentary, observational series, music shows and live broadcasts. His company produces more than 30 hours of broadcast television annually, and is Scotland’s leading music producer, working with artists in Scotland, the UK and internationally to bring their work to a wider audience.


“It’s been my passion and ambition for many years to bring the life of Hamish Henderson to the big and small screen. Growing up as a traditional musician, I’ve been fortunate enough to experience first hand the legacy that Hamish left for us all.

More than a decade since his passing, and thanks to the support of MG ALBA and CREATIVE SCOTLAND, I’m delighted that Hamish’s incredible life can, at last, be shared with audiences at home and around the world.


KEVIN MACNEIL is a multi-award-winning writer from the Outer Hebrides. An acclaimed novelist, poet, dramatist, editor and writing tutor, he has performed and lectured in many countries. He has taught creative writing at the universities of UPPSALA, KINGSTON, and EDINBURGH. His highly anticipated new novel THE BRILLIANT & FOREVER is published in March 2016.


“I loved working on this film. I knew Hamish when I was a student at Edinburgh University. I found him and his colleagues such as John MacInnes and Margaret Bennett so inspiring I dropped my plans to study English Literature and Latin and took a degree in Scottish Ethnology instead. I also loved working with Robbie and the team – everyone had such a respectful, relaxed and dedicated attitude on set that it felt like all the right stars were coming into alignment. It was a particular coup to hear from Hamish’s widow and daughters what living with Hamish and his influence has been like. What emerges is an honest and fascinating portrait of a complex and enormously influential man.”